Our Partners

Southern Africa by Appointment - ERM Tours
ERM Tours is a leading, independent boutique destination management company, focused on giving travellers the authentic African experience. With over 23 years of being operational in Southern African, we understand the diverse offering of the region and recognise the importance of going above and beyond for our clients.
Namibia Nature Foundation
The primary aims of the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) are to promote sustainable development, the conservation of biological diversity and natural ecosystems, and the wise and ethical use of natural resources for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future.
The Best of Travel Group
The travel specialists at Best of Group attach great importance to customer service and we are your personal partner in planning your dream trip.
Namibia Tourism Board
The Namibia Tourism Board is the Namibia Government agency responsible for bringing together both the private and public sector in implementing the national policy on tourism.
Tour & Safari Association of Namibia
Founded in 1989, the Tour and Safari Association of Namibia (TASA) is a voluntary private-sector body that acts on behalf of its members to encourage the development of responsible tourism in Namibia, ensure standards and reliability in the Namibian tourism industry and further the common interests of Namibian Tour Operators. 
Southern African Tourism Services Association
The Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) is a member-driven association that offers inbound tourism services companies the highest level of quality in the tourism industry.
Air Namibia
Air Namibia (Pty) Limited is a proprietary limited company incorporated in accordance with the Company’s Act. Air Namibia is the national airline of the Republic of Namibia, with the Government of Namibia as its sole Shareholder.

helps to organize and plan the departures at the airport the best way possible: Travelers are able to book low budget parking lots and hotel rooms nearby the  airports. For a relaxing start into an exciting safari adventure.